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Our Organization: Institute Policies

Institute Policies

Computing Resources

The Caltech Library, in accordance with the Institute Policy on Acceptable Use of Electronic Information Resources, provides a rich computing environment to the current faculty, staff, and students of the Institute. Access to the Library's information technology is provided in conjunction with IMSS through access.caltech accounts.

Those not affiliated with Caltech should contact the Library ( or 626-395-3405) prior to coming to campus for assistance with research options.


Caltech's Purchasing guidelines state, "Supplier agrees not to use the name or trademarks of the Institute or any member of its staff in sales promotional work or advertising, or in any form of publicity, without the prior written permission of the Institute."

As a general rule, Caltech Library does not provide endorsements or quotes for vendor or publisher marketing purposes even with permission. In certain cases involving strategic partnerships, the University Librarian may approve communications for public distribution.

Learning Outcomes for Undergraduates

The Caltech Library is committed to serving our undergraduate community by supporting the Caltech Core Curriculum, which provides:

  • Substantive experience in problem solving, collaboration, and communication. Students will be able to:

    • manage increasing academic challenges while developing resilience and confidence.

    • develop and satisfy their intellectual curiosity.

    • collaborate effectively and ethically, recognizing diverse models of academic collaboration.

    • communicate to a range of audiences through a variety of media.

  • A broad and rigorous foundation in the sciences. Students will be able to:

    • demonstrate understanding of foundational concepts from the sciences.

    • use disciplinary thinking, analytical skills, and a range of methods in the sciences.

    • apply their knowledge and skills to diverse problems within and across disciplines.

  • Significant study in the humanities and social sciences. Students will be able to:

    • explore and expand upon learning in fields beyond intended areas of specialization.

    • appreciate and understand the contributions of the humanities, social sciences, and arts to human endeavors.

    • engage in informed analysis of cultural, political, and economic issues.

Additional information about Caltech's Institutional Learning Outcomes can be found at Caltech Academics.

Service Animals

In accordance with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), service animals are welcomed and permitted in the Caltech Libraries. Per ADA, service animals are trained to do work or perform tasks for an individual with a disability. For details, please see ADA Requirements on Service Animals.

If you have any additional questions, please visit Caltech's Accessibility Services webpage.