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Search & Browse: Remote/Off-Campus Access

Remote/Off-Campus Access

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Only current Caltech students, faculty, and staff have remote-access privileges to Caltech-licensed library resources. Review the options below for remote off-campus access.

Obtain an up-to-date access.caltech account

Use OpenAthens-authenticated links on Library websites

Links to resources on Library webpages, including LibGuides, the Library Catalog, and the Journals list, are now automatically authenticated through a service called OpenAthens. On the "Choose how to sign in" page, select Caltech Library, then enter your access.caltech username and password to proceed to the resource of interest. When clicking on an authenticated link for the first time in the browser session, remote users are prompted for their access.caltech username and password. One successful login establishes access to most Caltech-licensed resources.

For more information on OpenAthens please see explainers:

How do I use OpenAthens to access Library e-resources?

How do I update my proxied bookmarked links to work with OpenAthens?

Will OpenAthens remember me if I change devices or use a different browser?

(Optional): Establish a VPN account

  • Information about VPN accounts and installation of VPN software.
  • You must use the “Caltech-Tunnel All” option (Option 2).
  • VPN slows down connections to all IP addresses. For most library resources, proxied links are the preferred method.

(Optional): Configure Google Scholar

  • If you use Google Scholar, you can configure it to have "Get It @ Caltech" links appear off-campus by changing your Scholar Preferences.
  • Scroll down to the "Library Links" section. Type Caltech in the search box and click on "Find Library". Check the box to the left of "California Institute of Technology - Get It @ Caltech" and then click the "Save Preferences" button.
  • See this FAQ for additional information about configuring Google Scholar and Casa

(Optional): Install the EndNote Click plug-in

  • EndNote Click is a browser plugin developed by Clarivate, the parent company of Web of Science. It works behind the scenes in your browser to get you the best PDF copy of articles that you're looking for.
  • EndNote Click  can be used both on or off campus and uses existing authentication infrastructure to leverage library subscriptions.

(Optional): Configure ADS

JPL staff: please contact the JPL Library ( for available options.
Caltech staff at JPL: Our proxy server will not work for you at JPL. You will need to use VPN.

You are a remote user if your IP address falls outside the range 131.215.*.*. This includes Caltech offices at LIGO, OVRO, and Palomar.

  • If you use the Astrophysical Data System, it's worth setting your preferences so that Get It @ Caltech links appear in your search results. You can do this by signing in to your account at ADS.
  • Select "User Account Update" and then "Library Links Settings". Use the drop down menu to select "California Institute of Technology" as your library link server. Once you've saved your settings, the Get It @ Caltech button will display in your search results.