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Proxy Bookmarklet: Home

Notice - New Proxy Server

On August 17, 2021, the Library proxy server was updated. Please see the instructions below to update your proxy bookmarks. Also, clearing your cache and cookies is necessary for the new proxy links to take effect.

If you are using Zotero, you will have to change your Zotero Connector proxy setting as well:

1. Under Zotero Connector, select Options.

2. Select Proxies.

3. Click the + to add a new proxy. Add under Scheme and check the box for "Automatically convert between dots and hyphens in proxied hostnames".


Bookmarklet Installation

Please watch the video below for instructions on how to add the Proxy Bookmarklet to your browser bookmark bar. Drag this link - Caltech Library Proxy - to your Bookmarks or Favorites toolbar, as shown below. Do not click on it.

For Internet Explorer and Firefox, you can also right-click on the link and select "Bookmark This Link" (Internet Explorer) or "Add to Favorites" (Firefox).  Internet Explorer might prompt you with a warning "You are adding a favorite that might not be safe.  Do you want to continue?".  Click "Yes" to continue.

If you're using Safari on an iPad, see our ipad instructions.

Using the bookmarklet

If you're off-campus and want to view a journal article, you can use the proxy bookmarklet to gain access. Simply browse to the article or database you're interested in, click the bookmarklet and enter your Caltech IMSS username and password.

This will not work for all publishers and vendors, so if the bookmarklet fails to give you access to a journal you know we subscribe to, use the Find E-journals page instead.