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Exhibits: About Exhibits

About Exhibits

The Caltech Archives and Special Collections regularly curates and hosts exhibitions on the history of Caltech research, the campus community, and other topics. We install some of these exhibitions in the Beckman Room, a gallery in the Beckman Institute, or the foyer outside it, and others on the first floor of Caltech Hall. Other exhibitions can be found online.

Digital Exhibit Highlights

The main room of the exhibit: images on the walls and artifacts at the center

Becoming Caltech

Caltech Archives presents the exhibition “Becoming Caltech: Building a Research Community, 1910–1930” in the Beckman Room. It tells the story of Caltech’s early growth and reinvention through historical documents, objects, photographs, audio, and film.

Case displaying few black and white photos and a brochure

Gone But Not Forgotten

On the first floor of the Caltech Hall, this exhibit is an extension of “Becoming Caltech.” It showcases physical objects as well as a digital display. It is currently open to the Caltech community only.

Overview of the OVRO telescope photogallery: a big image on the top and several thumbnail underneath

Digital Exhibits

Visit our online exhibits on a wide range of topics in the history of science at Caltech and beyond and in the history of Caltech’s campus community.