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Our Organization: Cahill Library Accessibility

Accessibility information for Cahill Library

Cahill Library Accessibility

Location: The Cahill Library is located in the Southeast corner of the first floor in the Cahill Center for Astronomy and Astrophysics.

Cahill Library hours and floor plan images.

Physical Accessibility

  • The main door to the Cahill building (off California Blvd near the entrance to the California Parking Structure) is equipped with a power-assisted door. The pathway from the door to Cahill Library is flat. The door to the Cahill Library does not have power-assist for opening. During normal business hours the door is wedged open with a doorstop. 

Book Return

  • There is a book return inside the Cahill building, just outside and to the left of the entrance to the Cahill Library.


  • Multi-stall mens’ and womens’ restrooms are available in the Cahill building, down the hall/to the North of the entrance to the Library.

Quiet Spaces

  • The entire Cahill Library is designated for quiet study, meaning occasional discussion is allowed, phones should be set to vibrate or silent, and headphones must be at low volume.
  • The Library shares physical space with a kitchenette supporting the Cahill’s Hameetman Auditorium, which may result in some noise.


The Cahill Library has high ceilings with fluorescent lights and large windows along the entire South wall of the Library.

Accessibility information for Cahill Library