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Publish: Data Management Plans

Data Management Plans

Data Management Plan Resources

Caltech Library helps researchers with data management plans (DMPs) for both grant applications and normal laboratory operations. Contact us at if you would like assistance developing or reviewing a plan.

DMP Checklist

The DMP checklist is based on the general NSF grant template and specifies content that should be in each section of the DMP.

A checklist based on the new NIH Policy for Data Management and Sharing will be available later in 2022.

Always refer to the specific guidance for your grant proposal when writing a data management plan, as requirements differ.

Example DMP

This example DMP is based on the general NSF template and models some of Caltech’s DMP standard language (below).

A example DMP for the new NIH Policy for Data Management and Sharing will be available later in 2022.

Caltech Data Management Plan Standard Language

Caltech Library provides standard language for Caltech researchers to use in their data management plans. Please review the provided language to ensure it is accurate before using it in a grant application, as not all text will apply to every situation.

Data Sharing

This text can be used when sharing data in the CaltechDATA repository. Depositing data in CaltechDATA complies with many federal data sharing mandates. If you have further questions about CaltechDATA and sharing compliance, please contact

Once results are ready for publication, associated data files will be uploaded to the Caltech Research Data Repository ( CaltechDATA is a free service for all members of the Caltech community for storage of up to 500 GB of data, which will be sufficient for the public data generated from this project. Each data set will be assigned a digital object identifier (DOI), which provides a persistent machine-readable web link to the data set. All data will be preserved at least 5 years past the tenure of this grant. All publications resulting from this grant will include the DOI of the data set(s) deposited in CaltechDATA that support that work. In the unlikely event that CaltechDATA becomes unavailable, an alternative repository such as Zenodo or the Harvard Dataverse will be employed.

Provisions for Re-use

This text can be used when sharing data under a CC-0 license. Please review Caltech policies regarding inventions, patents, and copyright and, as appropriate, include legal disclaimers. See:

All publicly shared data will be licensed with a creative commons zero (CC-0) license. This dedicates all data to the public domain and allows for unrestricted re-use. It is expected that users that employ a data set generated from this grant will provide a citation. 

Data Archiving

This text can be used when sharing/archiving data in the CaltechDATA repository.

All publicly accessible data will be archived on CaltechDATA, which is managed by the Caltech Library and run by TIND. All data is preserved using the OAIS reference model and multiple copies of all data sets are stored at the Caltech Library and remotely. CaltechDATA is intended as a long-term data repository and it is expected that data will be available for the foreseeable future.


The text below should be used when software is a product of research. If a particular software tool generated by this research is necessary for the data to be utilized by the public as part of the data sharing under this plan, please consult with the Office of Technology Transfer,, to develop an alternative licensing/sharing schema for the software.

Caltech holds the copyright in software generated under sponsored research projects, and makes such software available for commercial licensing through its Office of Technology Transfer, and is available to U.S. Government users under a royalty free license.

Software Sharing

This text can be used when sharing software via GitHub and the CaltechDATA repository. Please contact the library at for assistance with setting up the GitHub-CaltechDATA connection.

All software generated by this project will be managed with the version control software git and shared publicly on GitHub. GitHub allows for reproducible management of software versions and input from contributors. All software will follow a standard release cycle, and each release will be assigned a DOI and preserved in the CaltechDATA repository.

Other Resources