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Digital Exhibits: Donald Glaser: Caltech and Beyond

Donald Glaser: Caltech and Beyond

Donald A. Glaser, PhD '50, was one of the most innovative and progressive scientists of the 20th Century. From his invention of the bubble chamber – for which he was awarded the Nobel Prize – to his pioneering role in bioengineering and his leading contributions to visual neuroscience, Glaser has advanced many of our most important frontiers of scientific discovery and technological progress. The exhibit wants to illustrate Donald Glaser and his strong connections to the Caltech scientific community. The on-site version was part of a day of celebration of Glaser's many accomplishments in December 2016 at Caltech. -MS


A virtual exhibit in THREE parts

Caltech contemporaries
From physics to biology and to neuroscience
Education at Caltech

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Mariella Soprano, curator
Elisa Piccio, research, exhibit display, & online exhibit
Bianca Rios, research & exhibit display
Loma Karklins, research & writing