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Digital Exhibits: “Scientific Researches!—New Discoveries in PNEUMATICKS!”

“Scientific Researches!—New Discoveries in PNEUMATICKS!”

Photo ID 50.11.1-18

Print of a famous comic color etching done by James Gillray (1757–1815), entitled "Scientific Researches!—New Discoveries in PNEUMATICKS!—or—an Experimental Lecture on the Powers of Air," published May 23, 1802 by H. Humphrey, St. James's Street. Gillray is caricaturing the experiments with laughing gas (nitrous oxide) done at the Royal Institution. The lecturer may be Thomas Garnett or Thomas Young. Humphrey Davy is caricatured as the assistant operating the hydraulic bellows filled with laughing gas. The founder of the Institution, Benjamin Thompson, Count Rumford, is seen standing in the doorway. Gift to Caltech of Professor Earnest Watson.