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Chemistry & Chemical Engineering (CCE): Lab Safety

Library information and resources for the CCE Division at Caltech. Resources for this guide were originally compiled and maintained by Dana Roth.

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Note: All resources are Open Access (freely available) except for those marked as Access restricted to Caltech campus (electronic resources restricted to users with an access.caltech account), or Available at the Library (print resources available on campus at the Sherman Fairchild Library).

Toxicological Data

Environmental Health, Toxicology & Chemical Information from the National Library of Medicine
Links to the TOXNET family of databases as well as a PubMed search filter for toxicological information. Also links to information on specific topics as well as guides, tutorials, and other help topics.

Laboratory Safety Health Information Resources from the National Library of Medicine

Pollutants and Toxics Series form the National Academies Press
A continuing series, each covering a different set of hazardous chemicals.

The Dictionary of Substances and Their Effects - DOSE, 2nd Edition (Royal Society of Chemistry, 1999) Access restricted to Caltech campus

An open access resource for searching databases on toxicology, hazardous chemicals, and environmental health.

News and Blogs

The Safety Zone (Chemical & Engineering News)
Covers chemical safety issues in academic and industrial research labs and in manufacturing.

General Safety Resources

Challenges for Health and Safety in Higher Education and Research Organisations (Kuzmina and Hoyle, 2021) [Ebook]
Providing insight into methods of managing health and safety, training, and supervision, which help to build a strong and reliable health and safety system, this book is a collection of "best practices" from experienced safety professionals and researchers in Europe and the United States. These experiences demonstrate how health and safety professionals have overcome these issues and provide readers with ideas and models they can use in their own organisations.

The Wiley-Blackwell handbook of the psychology of occupational safety and workplace health (Clarke et al., 2016) [Ebook]
Provides comprehensive coverage of the major contributions that psychology can make toward the improvement of workplace safety and employee health.