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Chemistry & Chemical Engineering (CCE): Literature Databases

Library information and resources for the CCE Division at Caltech. Resources for this guide were originally compiled and maintained by Dana Roth.

Popular Databases

Caltech E-Journals

Caltech subscribes to many journals in electronic format. However, we may not have electronic access to all issues for a given title. For some titles, we may only have access for the past few years, or back to a certain volume or year. If we do not have access to an older issue of a title, check the Catalog. Also please note that we may have access to different years through different electronic sources.

Journals List

About Journal Abbreviations

A tricky part of deciphering citations is figuring out the Journal Abbreviation. There are a few tools to help you do this:

  • CASSI - Chemical Abstracts Services Source Index is a listing of both journal abbreviations and full titles. You can use this to translate an abbreviation, or, knowing the full journal title, find its accepted abbreviation to use in your citation. However, it is limited to publications indexed by CAS.
  • Beyond CASSI is a listing of severely shortened journal title abbreviations, that are not listed in CASSI, with corresponding full journal titles and CASSI abbreviations.
  • NLM's Abridged Index Medicus (AIM) - biological and clinical journals indexed in the AIM may have a different abbreviation, more info can be found on the linked page.
  • The journal homepage itself - read some reference lists from a current issue of the journal of interest.