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Chemistry & Chemical Engineering (CCE): Open Access

Library information and resources for the CCE Division at Caltech. Resources for this guide were originally compiled and maintained by Dana Roth.

Caltech Open Access Policy

In 2013, the Caltech Faculty Board approved an Open Access Policy applying to faculty publications, effective January 1, 2014.

If you are asked by your publisher for a waiver form, you can fill one out here.

For more information, please visit:

ACS - American Chemical Society - "AuthorChoice"

ACS offers two options for Open Access: available immediately, or available after 12 months. Both options include deposit into PubMed Central. Please note that authors will have to deposit manuscripts into PubMed Central MANUALLY - ACS will no longer auto-deposit papers for NIH-funded work.

The Caltech Library pays for an "All ACS Publications" subscription, which gives Caltech authors a discount in OA fees. Additionally, if the author is an ACS member, there is a further discount. If you are a Caltech affiliate and an ACS member, your fees are:

  • $1500 to make an article available immediately
  • $750 to make an article available after 12 months
  • Source
The ACS AuthorRewards program ended on January 1, 2015. Corresponding authors received two $750 "vouchers" for each article that was published in an ACS journal in 2014. This applies to journal issue date, not online publication date. These vouchers can be used towards Open Access fees.

Open Access fees can be paid through the ACS ChemWorx system, which requires an ACS ID.

NAR - Nucleic Acids Research - OA Fee Discount

The Caltech Library pays an annual membership fee to NAR, which entitles authors to the discounted Open Access fee of $1385.

PNAS - Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences - OA Fee Discount

The Caltech Library pays for a site license for PNAS, so authors are entitled to the discounted OA fee of $1100 (versus $1450). Please see here for more details.

Science Advances - OA Fee Discount

The Caltech Library pays for a subscription to The Complete Science Collection, which entitles Caltech authors to a $900 discount off the Article Processing Charge. AAAS members are also entitled to an additional $84 discount. Please see here for more details.