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Geological & Planetary Sciences (GPS): Zotero

Welcome to Geological & Planetary Sciences Library services at Caltech!

Zotero LibGuide

Please visit our LibGuide on Zotero for much more help and information. You will find tips on how to collect, organize, search, and sort citations. There are also various documentations and tutorials.

Download and Install

Zotero has three parts to download and/or install:

  1. Zotero Standalone is a desktop app for Linux, Mac, and Windows. The program is installed locally on your computer. Download Zotero Standalone from the Zotero website.
  2. Zotero Connector is a browser extension or add-on for Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Edge. When you’re searching for an article online, you can click on the Zotero Connector button to add the article to Zotero Standalone. Install Zotero Connector from the Zotero website.
  3. Zotero Online is the only way to sync or share your citations. Create a free Zotero account from the Zotero website and then sync it by adding your username and password to Zotero Standalone. Go to Edit > Preferences > Sync. Use your Caltech email address to get unlimited storage courtesy of the Caltech library!

More Zotero Help