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Geological & Planetary Sciences (GPS): Research Data

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Research Data Management

Data planning and issues related to data management have many important issues to be aware of.

Some factors to consider when working and planning to use data:

  1. Data description, such as metadata. Good metadata ensures discoverability.
  2. Standards such as documentation, naming conventions, file formats.
  3. Access and sharing, such as privacy or security requirements, funder requirements, backup and storage, what will be shared where.
  4. Publishing and preserving, think about preservation as you work with your research. Take steps to preserve your data, and decide what needs to be preserved.
  5. Citing data, gives credit where credit is due. Citations help others to find, replicate and work from your research.

There are many more aspects involved in data management.

For information on data and data management plans, please visit our Data Management LibGuide.

USGS Data Management Plans & Resources

Resources and Tutorials from Earth Science Information Partners (ESIP)

The Earth Science Information Partners (ESIP) has compiled a comprehensive list of tutorials from their Data Help Desk, in collaboration with AGU:

Caltech Research Data Repository

Data Repositories and Directories

Selected data repositories and directories to help you get started. Note, this is not a comprehensive list.

Online Data Management Plans