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Geological & Planetary Sciences (GPS): Geology

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Selected Journals in Geology

Geologic Map of California

Geological Society of America - Abstracts and Meetings

The GSA has a great index to finding abstracts and meetings.

You can search by Annual Meetings, by Sections, and Specialty Meetings.

Visit the GSA Browse/Search Abstracts page here.

There is also a listing of past meeting locations since 1888.

Also note, the Geology Library has all the bound volumes of the GSA Abstracts and Meetings, beginning with 1969 through 2005. They are located in section B-6 of the Geology Library.

California Geology - Frequently Consulted Books

Books (all call numbers and locations are in the Geology Library, unless otherwise noted)

Assembling California, by John McPhee, 1993. QE89.M37 1993.  Reprinted with some additional material in Annals of the Former World, 1998.  QE77.M338 1998.

California Geology, by Deborah R. Harden, 1998. QE89.H37 2004.

A Field Guide to Southern California, third edition, by Robert P. Sharp, 1994. QE90.S65.S5 1994.

Geology of California, second edition, by Robert M. Norris and Robert W. Webb, 1990. QE89.N67 1990.

Geology of Northern California, Edgar H. Bailey, editor, 1966. QE89.B3 1966.  Also cataloged as: California Division of Mines and Geology Bulletin 190, Geology E-2.

Geology of Southern California, edited by Richard H. Jahns, 1954. QE90.S68.G464 1954.  Also cataloged as: California Division of Mines Bulletin 170, Geology E-2.

Geology Underfoot in Death Valley and Eastern California, by Allen F. Glazner, Arthur Gibbs Sylvester, and Robert P. Sharp. 2022. QE90.D35.S47 2022.

Geology Underfoot in Southern California, by Arthur G. Sylvester, Robert P. Sharp and Allen F. Glazner, 2020. QE90.S65.S524 2020.

For more on Geology of California, search the library catalog under the search terms "geology California." Start with the default search settings. You can then narrow your search after that.

You can also search GeoRef.

California Geology - Maps

To find maps on California geology, determine the name of the quadrangle you are interested in.

Also, consult the LibGuide on maps here.  Here, you will find many online resources to digital geologic and topographic maps.

For example, in the catalog, search for "Pasadena quadrangle." Be sure and select 'maps' as the format in the left-hand refine results bar.  You may have to click on 'show more' at the bottom of that format box.  A new window will open, select 'maps' and update.