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Caltech Theses

Ph.D. theses must be submitted in electronic form as part of the graduation requirements for Caltech. This guide serves as a tool for this process.

Automatic Publisher Thesis Permissions

The selected publishers listed below do not require you to ask permission if you want to use prior published content from your own articles as a chapter in your thesis.  You must be listed as an author in the article in question. Proper attribution is required by all publishers, generally at the bottom of the 1st page of the chapter of your thesis.

Please report any broken links.

Other Publishers' Policies

  •  If your article was published by another publisher, please contact  we will help you with the process of finding and obtaining permission if at all possible.
  • You will likely need to Register for your own free Individual account with the Copyright Clearance Center to be able to request permissions using the RightsLink service with most U.S. publishers.