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Ithenticate at Caltech: Submitting Your Documents

Useful Tips to Know

  • One document submission = 25,000 words. A document consisting of 25,0001+ words will count as two submissions. If possible remove title page and reference lists before uploading your manuscript.
  • Use filters to fine tune reports. You can filter out:
    • Specific phrases
    • Bibliographies and reference lists
    • Text in quotations
  • Wait until you've finished writing and then upload your final draft. Each time you revise a paper and resubmit, it will count as an additional new submission.

Managing Your Documents

The documents tab within a folder displays all the submitted documents for that folder. Each submitted document generates a Similarity Report after the document has been through the Similarity Check.

Only a specified amount of documents are displayed on the screen at once, if more documents are in the folder but not displayed the pages feature will appear beneath the documents. Either select the number of the page you would like to be displayed or select Next to scroll to the next page of documents.

Submitting a Document

Submitting a Document

iThenticate users can submit documents in three ways.
  • Upload a File - a single file submission
  • Zip File Upload - submit a standard zip file containing multiple documents. May contain up to 100MB or 1,000 files. Zip file uploads of significant size may require additional time to complete
  • Cut & Paste - submission of text copied and pasted into the submission box. May be used to submit from a file format that is not accepted. No images or non-text information can be copied and pasted - only plain text can be accepted

Every user account contains a default folder "My documents" which users are able to upload files to. Submissions must be made to a folder. To learn more about creating folders please view the managing submissions with folders training page.

The status of the upload is tracked within Report column of the folder inbox. Documents normally take between 5-10 minutes to generate an Originality Report. Very large files may take longer to generate a report.

Upload a document

File Upload

  1. Login to iThenticate.
  2. Choose which type of file to upload from the links on the iThenticate home page.
  3. Choose the Destination Folder.
  4. Fill out the upload detail fields:
    1. Author’s first name
    2. Author’s last name
    3. Document title (If no title is entered iThenticate will use the file name as the document title)
  5. Select “Choose File” button and select the file on your computer.
  6. Once the file is selected click on the Upload button.

Zip File Upload

  1. You will NOT be asked for a document title as in #4 above.
  2. Once the file is selected click on the Upload button.

Cut & Paste Upload

Note: Only text can be submitted via the cut and paste method - any graphics, graphs, images, and formatting are lost when pasting into the text submission box.

  1. Instead of selecting a file to upload, you will be presented with a text box where you can paste in your desired text.
  2. You may then click the Upload button.

View  Recent Uploads

  • To view recently uploaded documents, select the Recent Uploads link in the Submit a document menu.
  • The recent uploads will be listed in reverse chronological order, with the most recently upload first. If you would like to view the uploads in chronological order with the earliest first, select the Upload Date & Time header.