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Open Researcher and Contributor ID (ORCID)


Once you've created your ORCID profile and the sections are up to date, you can use this profile in NCBI's SciENcv tool to create a Biosketch. Several federal funders require a Biosketch during the grant submission process and when annual reports are submitted. The NSF is the federal agency that most recently requires a biosketch. 

You can use your ORCID profile to feed information into the components of the SciENcv Biosketch and My Bibliography. 


Linking your ORCID to NCBI

ORCID to SciENcv

  • Login to NCBI with your Caltech credentials
    • Log In -> More Log In Options -> California Institute of Technology -> IMSS credentials​​​​​​​
    • Please note that a federated, 3rd party login is mandatory as of June 2022.  If you encounter any difficulty using the above link, navigate to the NCBI/NLM and select  "more login options" at the bottom. Click on C for Caltech and scroll down until you see California Institute of Technology in ABC order. Use this link and enter your IMSS credentials for federated sign on to NCBI. Once you've logged in to NCBI this way the system will remember you. In the future you'll be prompted to "Log in again with Caltech". 
  • After successfully logging in, you'll see your name on the top right-hand corner of your screen.
  • Click on your name, and select Dashboard
  • SciENcv is on the bottom right corner of the dashboard. Select Manage SciENcv
  • To link to ORCID, click edit in the mini biography section. 
  • Under optional Information, click Add your ORCID iD to this profile? Paste in the ORCID id and Save
  • Your ORCID should now be visible under your name in the mini biography section of SciENcv.


SciENcv Biosketch

Now that you've linked your ORCID account to NCBI, you can use your ORCID data to populate components of a Biosketch.

  • Make sure that you're logged in to your ORCID account in a separate tab
  • In SciENcv, under SciENcv documents, select Create New Document. 
  • Name your Document
  • Select the Format of the document from the options on the screen: NIH Biosketch, NIH Fellowship Biosketch, NSF Biosketch, NSF Current and Pending Support, IES Biosketch. 
  • Under Choose Data Source, Select External Source and use the drop-down menu to highlight ORCID
  • Choose whether you'd like your document to be private or public. By default, your document is private. 
  • Click Create
  • Under Name, Click Edit to Edit Personal Information. Make sure your ORCID id is listed at the bottom. If it's not, add it and Save.
  • In Section A, Professional Preparation you should see the information from your ORCID profile listed under Education and Qualifications
  • In Section B, Appointments, you should see the information from your ORCID profile listed under Employment
  • In Section C, Products, you'll see three tabs. Click ORCID. If the displayed publications are not up to date, select Refresh the List from ORCID. This information is from your ORCID profile listed under Works. 
    • Select the publications from this list that are relevant to this Biosketch. Once selected, they'll appear on this Biosketch
  • Manually edit any of the sections of the Biosketch, as necessary. 
  • Once complete, at the top, right of the page you can choose to Download a PDF or XML copy of the document.