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Dimensions: Full Text and other Links

Dimensions is a database of publications, grants, patents, and clinical trials.

Full Text

To check on accessibility through the Caltech Library click on the CaltechConnect icon against citations:

Clicking on CaltechConnect will check our subscriptions to see if we have electronic access to the article. On many items there will also be a View PDF link, which provides one-click access to open access article copies.

If the Library can provide immediate access, CaltechConnect should link you directly to the full text. If not, you will be given the opportunity to order a copy through DocuServe (always free), Rush (first 10 free), or explore other options (Open Access, Google Scholar).

Other Links

Each item record appears with a number of other links:

  •   Number of citations. Click for more information and to find the citing items.
  •   Altmetric attention score. Hover and/or click for more information.
  • View PDF  Links to an open access copy if available.
  • Add to Library  Adds a citation to your ReadCube Library. See the ReadCube tab for more information.
  • Add to ORCID  Adds a citation to your ORCID profile if that has been linked. See the ORCID tab for more information.