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Dimensions: Analytical views

Dimensions is a database of publications, grants, patents, and clinical trials.

Analytical views

The right side of the Dimensions screen displays a series of analytical summaries of the current search. The analytical view is updated each time the results set changes through the addition or removal or filters or keywords. The analytical views are:

  • Fields of research
  • Overview
  • Researchers
  • Source titles
  • Funders
  • Research Organizations
  • Compare

The Analytical Views panel slides out to display statistics about the items in each of these categories. Here are some examples with the filters set to Caltech publications in 2014:


2014 Publications, Fields of Research


2014 Publications, Researchers


2014 Publication, Journal titles


2018 Funding, Research areas


2014 Publications, Research organizations

Lists Caltech and institutions of collaborators