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Ae239: Turbulence: Recommended Readings

A short guide to resources for students taking Ae239a at Caltech.

Library Course Reserves

Course reserves can be found at the Sherman Fairchild Library. Search using our catalog to find the titles. Links will show if the item is located in Closed or Open Reserves, and if it is checked out.

Notes on the Reserves Book List:

The Handbook of Mathematical Functions is now available in an electronic format as the NIST Digital Library of Mathematical Functions.

The Feynman Lectures are also available as an e-version here.

Journal Articles, Book Chapters, Reports and Theses

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Print available on reserve at Sherman Fairchild Library

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Print available on reserve at Sherman Fairchild Library

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Print available on reserve at Sherman Fairchild Library

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Print available on reserve at Sherman Fairchild Library

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Print available on reserve at Sherman Fairchild Library

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Print available on reserve at Sherman Fairchild Library

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Print available on reserve at Sherman Fairchild Library

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Please note this link is to the entire report - scroll to page 237 for this specific report.

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Print available on reserve at Sherman Fairchild Library

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Print available on reserve at Sherman Fairchild Library

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Print available on reserve at Sherman Fairchild Library

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Part I
Part II
Part III
Part IV

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Print available on reserve at Sherman Fairchild Library

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