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Academic Writing: Humanities & Social Sciences

A guide to writing resources at the Caltech Library and on the Web.

General Resources

Social Sciences

Guide to publishing in psychology journals, 2nd Edition (Sternberg, 2018) [Ebook]
This book is an indispensable guide to how to write articles, choose journals, and deal with revisions or rejection. It showcases parts of articles, discusses journal submission, outlines the resubmission process, and highlights systemic issues. Clear instructions are given on writing an empirical article, literature reviews, titles and abstracts, introductions, theories, hypotheses, methods and data analysis. Each part of the process is laid out from presenting results, to mapping-out a discussion and writing for referees. The integral skills of revising papers and ensuring a high impact are taught in 'article writing 101'. Less intuitive knowledge is provided concerning publishing strategies, references, online submission, review systems, open access and ethical considerations.