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LaTeX Authoring With Overleaf: Theses in LaTeX

Caltech Thesis LaTeX template in Overleaf

As of January 2016, the Caltech Overleaf portal offers thesis authors a LaTeX template that reflects the regulations of the Office of Graduate Studies and the requirements of the Institute. There are two versions of the thesis template available: one with the approved Caltech logo; the other without a logo.

Downloading Overleaf template files

You can download the Overleaf template files as zip files to your own computer if you prefer to use them that way. Open up a blank thesis template on the Overleaf site, then click on Project at the top of the screen. A green box labeled “Download as ZIP” will show up in the left column, and you can choose which types of files you want to download.

Author Services and Thesis Librarian

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