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General information for the Caltech comunity about the availability of LabArchives Electronic Lab Notebook on campus.

LabArchives at Caltech

Caltech has established a site license for LabArchives under which all students and faculty now have unlimited use of this platform. LabArchives is an electronic lab notebook that allows you to organize all of your laboratory data (text, spreadsheets, PDFs, Prism projects, and more). Data can then easily be located by keyword, user, or date. In addition, sharing data with specific individuals or groups is also possible.

We have access to two different versions of LabArchives: Classroom Edition and Caltech Edition. LabArchives Caltech Edition is virtually identical to the Professional Edition, with two exceptions:
1) The ability to publicly share data has been removed. You can still share data with specific individuals or groups, but cannot assign a public URL.
2) The ability to email to your Inbox has been disabled.
These two exceptions are necessary to comply with Caltech legal and security policies.

LabArchives Electronic Notebooks are available and accessible with your access.caltech credentials. You can continue to access LabArchives via or To login, select California Institute of Technology as your institution and then enter your access.caltech username and password when prompted.