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Information about student employment opportunities at the Caltech Library.

Student Employment

The Caltech Library seeks Library Student Assistants for various positions in its libraries and archives.  Library Student Assistants work an average of 10 hours per week during the academic term.  Please see the "Types of Student Positions" tab for more information about available positions.

Caltech Library Student Assistants provide service in accordance with the Caltech Library Service Philosophy:

The Caltech Library is committed to serving the teaching, research, and academic needs of its students, faculty, and staff. We do this by following these four principles:

  • The Caltech Library is an inclusive and accessible environment where mutual respect and professional behavior is always exercised, both among staff and with patrons.

  • Caltech Library staff are highly qualified and knowledgeable in our areas of service and are empowered to make decisions and referrals in the best interest of our patrons. We work collaboratively to promote and develop expertise in meeting the needs of our community.

  • We communicate with the Caltech Community in a clear and timely manner regarding Library collections, services, and inquiries.

  • Caltech Library staff provide excellence in circulation, reference, instruction, and digital library services. We equip members of the Caltech Community with the skills needed to enhance their learning and research.


In addition, Caltech Archives and Special Collections, a department of the Caltech Library, provides the same level of service to those beyond Caltech conducting historical research to which our collections are pertinent.


All Caltech Library Student Assistants are expected to exhibit the following at-work behaviors:

  • Report for work on time.

  • Display exemplary attitude and work habits, including trustworthiness and attention to detail.

  • Work at designated tasks and locations.  Inform your supervisor when leaving your assigned station – i.e., when leaving for the day and/or when pulled for another job.

  • While on duty, no personal incoming or outgoing telephone calls are permitted on either the library telephone or personal cell phones.

  • Doing classwork during scheduled work hours is not allowed without permission from the supervisor on duty.

  • Find a substitute when you are unable to report for your scheduled work time.  Post in the Caltech Library Student Assistant Google Group as soon as you know you are unable to work your shift.

  • Notify a supervisor when switching a shift with another student worker.  They will update the shared Caltech Library Student Assistant Google Calendar.


Applicants must be currently enrolled Caltech students.  They should provide a short cover letter expressing interest in a position with the Caltech Library and outlining the strengths they would bring to the position. The letter should include weekly hours of availability for working and information on any other Caltech work assignments.  Applications should be submitted via HandShake.  Questions should be directed to Caltech Library Administration at