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Crystallography Resources @ Caltech: Literature

A guide to resources available at Caltech - these are discussed in the Crystallography Resources Library Instruction class. This resource list was originally compiled by Dana Roth.

Book Browsing

Chemistry books are on the 2nd floor in the Sherman Fairchild Library. If you would like to browse books, use the chart below to determine the relevant call number range.

Call # Subject
QD901-999 Crystallography
QD911-915 Geometrical & Mathematical Crystallography
QD921-926 Crystal Structure & Growth
QD931-947 Crystal Physical Properties
QD951 Chemical Crystallography

About Journal Abbreviations

A tricky part of deciphering citations is figuring out the Journal Abbreviation. There are a few tools to help you do this:

  • CASSI - Chemical Abstracts Services Source Index is a listing of both journal abbreviations and full titles. You can use this to translate an abbreviation, or, knowing the full journal title, find its accepted abbreviation to use in your citation. However, it is limited to publications indexed by CAS.
  • The journal homepage itself - read some reference lists from a current issue of the journal of interest.