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Copyright Support and Issues

The Caltech library staff can and will assist faculty, students and staff in the various areas of copyright issues. This guide is meant to serve as a starting point.

Caltech Office of the General Counsel

Caltech Office of the General Counsel

"The Office of the General Counsel ("OGC") is the legal advisor to the Institute and is responsible for providing legal services to all Institute organizations, including the Jet Propulsion Laboratory. OGC strives to advance Institute objectives by working proactively with faculty, management, staff, and students and by providing legal services of the highest caliber. OGC serves as the representative of the Institute with respect to all legal proceedings and is the office ultimately responsible for assessing compliance with laws, regulations and other legal controls."

Caltech Office of Technology Transfer & Corporate Partnerships

Caltech Office of Technology Transfer and Corporate Partnerships

"Patents and Licensing: The Licensing Team strives to make the process of technology transfer as user-friendly as possible. We are committed to having each invention reach its full potential by building relationships with faculty, aggressively pursuing intellectual property protection, and supporting industry collaborations."