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Friends of the Caltech Libraries Senior Thesis Prize: Evaluation Criteria

Evaluation Criteria

  1. The prize recognizes effective use and incorporation of the scholarly record and information management tools in an original work of scholarship.

  1. The thesis exhibits reflective use of information resources and technologies to present findings.

  2. The thesis demonstrates authorship best practices in citation, attribution, and presentation of evidence in support of the research findings.

  3. The student’s author narrative clearly and thoroughly describes the student’s critical interaction with the scholarly record and search strategies.

  1. The prize recognizes soundness, originality, and creativity of the contribution to the research discipline.

  1. The thesis presents itself to readers as a cohesive finished work, with clarity of argument and effective rhetorical technique from introduction to conclusion.

  2. The introduction sets the prior art context for the work appropriate for a non-specialist audience, and the conclusion points to questions for future research.

  3. Any included data and illustrations serve as clear and effective components of the narrative.