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Scholarly Communication

What the experts and stakeholders say:

The Crisis is Economic; The Conflict is Profitability Versus Readership

  • Journal subscription prices have increased by 227% between 1986 and 2002; CPI increased 51%.
  • State and university budgets can no longer absorb these increases.
  • Research requires access to the complete domain of information.
  • The public expects access to publicly funded research results.
  • Publishers need to cover their costs and keep up with technological advances.

The controversy is over the price of scholarly journals, the barriers to access created by the ever-increasing prices and the extent to which scholarly information should be more-or-less freely available as a public good.

For additional information please contact Kimberly Douglas, University Librarian, at kdouglas AT library.caltech.edu.

Last updated: June 12, 2009 12:09