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Scholarly Communication

What the experts and stakeholders say:

What public agencies say:

  • Australia (2003)
    • Its National Scholarly Communications Forum (NSCF), a body sponsored by the four Australian learned Academies, made a formal statement recommending general accessibility to institutional research output.
  • China (2006)
  • Finland (2005)
    • On March 18, 2005, the Open Access Scientific Publishing Committee of the Finnish Ministry of Education issued a 38-page report on open access (in Finnish only). The abstract is available in English.
  • France (2002)
    • The French Academie des Sciences issued an appeal to the European Commission to not apply standard copyright rules on papers for which the authors received no payment.
  • Germany (2004)
    • The State Minister for Science and Research for North Rhine-Westphalia, signed the Berlin Declaration for Open Access to Knowledge. North Rhine-Westphalia is the largest of Germany's 16 states and the first to sign the Declaration. The signature is just part of North Rhine-Westphalia's Digital Peer Publishing initiative (DIPP), launched on the same day. "The DIPP initiative, supported by the Ministry of Science with a sum of 600.000 Euros, will finance eight ejournals and their staff based at Northrhine-Westphalian universities and universities of applied science. The aim of the North Rhine-Westphalian Initiative is to promote Open Access, the free on-line access to scientific without financial, legal or technical constraints.
  • Great Britian (2006)
    • The year-old OA policy at the Welcome Trust was extended to all outstanding grants without regard for how long ago they were awarded. October 21, 2006.
    • Open access mandates took effect at four of the eight Research Councils in the UK (RCUK): the Biotechnology & Biological Sciences Research Council (BBSCR), the Economic & Social Research Council (ESRC), the Medical Research Council (MRC), and the Natural Environment Research Council (NERC). The first three were adopted in June 2006 and the fourth in August. Also on October 1, an OA request or encouragement (short of a mandate) took effect at a fifth Research Council, the Council for the Central laboratory of the Research Councils (CCLRC). October 1, 2006.
  • Great Britain (2004)
    • The British Britain's prestigious House Of Commons Science and Technology Committee issued a major Report: Scientific Publications: Free for All?.
  • Spain (2005)
  • United States (2006)
    • The NIH progress report to Congress on the public-access policy is now online (dated January 2006).
      • The compliance rate is a miserable 3.8%. "Lack of awareness does not appear to be the primary reason for the low submission rate."
      • NIH sees no evidence that its public-access policy "has had any impact on peer review".
        Posted by Peter Suber at 2/16/2006 09:27:00 AM.
    • NLM Board of Regents recommends strengthening the NIH policy. Feb. 7-8, 2006.
      • The Board has concluded that the NIH Policy cannot achieve its stated goals unless deposit of manuscripts in PubMed Central becomes mandatory.
        Posted by Peter Suber at 2/16/2006 04:05:00 PM.
  • World Intellectual Property Organization Committee (WIPO)

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