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Library Workshop: ‘Who Wants to Know – Deciphering Online Privacy’ – Wednesday, May 4 – 2:00pm

Who Wants to Know? Deciphering Online Privacy

Although we are often very aware that our habits and histories are being tracked online, knowing how and why this information is being collected is less clear. This workshop looks into some data collection motives, particularly on campus. As a participant in this program, you will learn how to:

  • Identify who is collecting data about you and what their motivations are
  • Recognize when data is valuable and for what purpose, especially in your scholarly work
  • Protect your online data and identity more completely using free tools and tactics
  • Communicate your data privacy needs to business and academic partners

Links to get you started:

Library Freedom Project

Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF)

Wednesday, May 4


Sherman Fairchild Library, Multimedia Conference Room 328


Fred Anson Papers collection guide now online!

The papers of Professor Anson -the Elizabeth W. Gilloon Professor of Chemistry, Emeritus- have been processed, and the searchable collection guide is now available online at the Online Archive of California (OAC).

For further biographical information, read his oral history in CODA, conducted by the Caltech Archives in 1997.


“Library Account” emails from the Library

It has been reported that some in the Caltech community have received an email from the Caltech Library with a subject line, “Library Account” notifying you that your library account has expired. The email may ask you to click on an URL and login.

This is not from the Caltech Library and should be a phishing email.   The Caltech Library would not ask any user to reactivate their library account in such a manner.

If you have any questions about your Library account or the Library in general, please contact us (626-395-3405 or email us at library AT

Sherman Fairchild Library Facilities Work

During the next few months work is taking place in the Sherman Fairchild Library that may impact our users. Tall shelving on the first and third floors has been removed. Additional shelving has been added in the basement.

This summer physics books that were on the moveable shelves in the basement will be moved onto these new, fixed shelves in the basement. As well, magazines and newspapers that were on the 3rd floor have been moved down to the 1st floor.

If you have any questions or feedback about these changes please email us at

arXiv Survey

If you use arXiv, please consider filling out a user survey to help them improve arXiv and clarify future directions for the service in a way that best serves the user community:

Click here to start arXiv survey

Alternative metrics added to CaltechAUTHORS

There’s a whole new section of information at the bottom of each CaltechAUTHORS record. We’ve just turned on PlumX Metrics which provides insight into alternative ways of viewing the impact of a piece of scholarship. Alternative metrics (altmetrics) are displayed for each record for which the information is available in 5 categories: Usage, Captures, Mentions, Social Media, and Citations.

Usage — downloads from CaltechAUTHORS, library holdings of books…

Captures — bookmarks, favorites, readers…

Mentions — blogs, comments, Wikipedia links…

Social Media — tweets, Facebook shares…

Citations — PubMed, Scopus, … [not Web of Science yet]

Some examples: LIGO’s gravitational wave paper; Jack Robert’s organic chemistry book; Noel Cordngold’s lecture notes on stochastic processes

April Fools, the Caltech Way – photographic gallery

At Caltech, pranks are an integral part of student life. Over the years students pranked their comrades, student Houses pranked other Houses, and their witty machinations often spread outside campus.

The pranks were varied, involving furniture, vehicles, and even architecture, but all share the trademark Caltech ingenuity, and the sheer pleasure of working together to solve difficult problems. This light side of Caltech life, on par with scientific achievement, remains a highlight among the memories of many alumni.

For this year’s April Fools Day, the Caltech Archives pay a photographic tribute to all the Caltech students who, over the decades, have used their creativity, imagination and hard work to explore not only the boundaries of science, but also those of humor and merriment. Visit the photographic gallery here.

Caltech founder George Ellery Hale, doing his best Mr Spock impression. (July 7, 1987; photo credit unknown)

Caltech founder George Ellery Hale, doing his best Mr Spock impression. (July 7, 1987; photo credit unknown)

Library Adds oaFindr to Online Tools. Try it here!

oaFindr logoCaltech Library is pleased to announce the addition of oaFindr to our suite of tools. oaFindr is a search tool that is designed to find and preserve gold and green open access content from across the web. Unlike Google Scholar, oaFindr searches only peer-reviewed, copyright-compliant papers.

You’ll find oaFindr on the Caltech Connect menu or by visiting the Databases page using the tab at the top of the library home page.

Change to DocuServe Service

Beginning on March 8, 2016, DocuServe will no longer charge ($6.50) to scan and electronically deliver articles, book chapters, or conference papers from the Caltech print collection.

If the article, book chapter, or conference paper is not held in the Caltech print or electronic collection, we will obtain it through another library. There is also no charge for this request fulfillment.

For theses (non-Caltech), technical reports, patents, and standards requests, the pricing policy has not changed. A charge may be incurred but DocuServe will send an authorization request before fulfilling these types of requests.

If you have any questions, please contact us at

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