Archive for July, 2013

Library services limited Friday 7/26

Reference and borrower registration services will be available for limited hours on Friday July 26th: 8am to 10:45am.

ScienceDirect maintenance on Saturday July 20th

ScienceDirect (Elsevier) journals will be unavailable from 4-4:30pm on Saturday July 20th due to maintenance. The site may also be slow at other times this weekend.

June 2013 News Books and Journals Lists

The lists of new books and journals added to the libraries’ collections during the month of June 2013 are now available. This month’s book list includes book cover images for many items, and links to Amazon to allow you to browse the books electronically. Please note that we provide no guarantee that Amazon has contracted with the publisher to allow viewers to browse specific books.

Issues with SciFinder on Library Computers

Due to recent updates for several web browsers, Mac OS X, and Java, the Java-based Structure Editors used in SciFinder and Reaxys may not be functional. A list of current working configurations can be found here. We are working to restore functionality to library-maintained machines. If you are having problems using a Java-based Structure Editor on your personal computer, please check the link and verify your configuration matches one listed, and contact Donna Wrublewski (dtwrublewski AT if you have additional questions or need further assistance. Thank you for your patience.