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SciFinder structure editor now runs on Safari 5.1

The issue with the Safari 5.1 browser and SciFinder’s structure drawing editor has been resolved, and users should now be able to launch the structure drawing editor with Safari 5.1.

Library Workshop: Reaxys: Thursday, September 1


The new combined web interface to Beilstein, Gmelin and Elseviers Patent Chemistry database. It runs on both MACs and PCs and replaced both the Crossfire client software and DiscoveryGate access at the end of 2010.

Beilstein is based on Beilsteins Handbuch der Organischen Chemie (1771-1980) and selected organic chemistry journal articles beginning in 1981. Gmelin is based on Gmelins Handbuch der Anorganischen Chemie (1771-1994) and selected inorganic/organometallic chemistry journal articles since 1995. The Patent Chemistry Database is limited to English-language US(1976+), WO(1978+) & EP(1978+) patents, with “organic chemistry” IPC codes:

Reaxys content and format coverage (journal articles & patents) will be reviewed and search techniques for topics, chemical substances and reactions will be displayed. We will also briefly compare and contrast Reaxys with other important databases: Combined Chemical Dictionary, SciFinder, Web of Science, and PubMed.

An extensive description of the Reaxys database is available:

Thursday, September 1


Sherman Fairchild Library, Multimedia Conference Room 328


Cambridge Crystallographic Data System (CCDC) Updated

The August 2011 data update has been added to the Cambridge Structural Database. For more information about CCDC visit the Caltech CCDC home page.

Submission of Theses is Once Again Available

System maintenance has been completed, and submission of theses and dissertations into CaltechTHESIS is once again available.

CaltechBOOK to be merged into CaltechAUTHORS

On Wednesday, 8/24/2011, the CaltechBOOK database will be merged into the Library’s main document repository, CaltechAUTHORS. This will bring all of our open-access books by Caltech researchers together in one database. Please contact us if you have questions about the\is merge or about any of the CODA databases.

Submission of Theses into CaltechTHESIS Unavailable Aug. 20-21

Submission of theses and dissertations into CaltechTHESIS will be unavailable on Saturday and Sunday, Aug. 20th and 21st, due to system maintenance. Except for short periods, CaltechTHESIS will still be available for searching, browsing, and document retrieval during the weekend. Login and thesis submission functions will be available again by 8:00 AM Monday 8/22, at the latest.

July 2011 New Books and Journals lists

The lists of new books and journals added to the libraries’ collections during the month of July 2011 are now available.   This month’s book list includes book cover images for many items, and links to Amazon to allow you to browse the books electronically.  Please note that we provide no guarantee that Amazon has contracted with the publisher to allow viewers to browse specific books.

Library Workshop: Web of Knowledge/Web of Science: Thursday, August 11

Web of Knowledge/Web of Science

This session will provide a wide variety of strategies for searching Web of Science including topic, & author searching, retrieving citing articles, linking to full-text, exporting records directly into EndNote or the new Web EndNote, and creating search and citation alerts.

Thursday, August 11


Sherman Fairchild Library, Multimedia Conference Room 328