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A Miscellanea to complement The Caltech Olive Oil Story

A Miscellanea to complement The Caltech Olive Oil Story


What is Olive Oil? {check an encyclopedia for the broad view}

Why is it important in human civilization? {it takes a whole book to answer!}



CHEMISTRY: Boskou, Dimitrios. Olive oil; chemistry and technology. 2nd ed. 2006.

HISTORY: Mazzoti, Massimo. Enlightened Mills: Mechanizing olive oil production in Mediterranean Europe.A sociohistorical understanding of eighteenth-century oil manufacture is therefore crucial to assessing southern European industrialization and its relation to the economies of northern Europe.

ENGINEERING: Ketack, Kim. Carbon coatings with olive oil…on nano-LiFePO4. 2007.

COOKING: Home Cured Olives. AN OBSESSION WITH FOOD AND WINE: Thursday, Jan. 18,2007

MYTHOLOGY: Encyclopedia Mythica. Athena. “Athena’s gift was an olive tree, which was better because it gave the people food, oil and wood.”

INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS: International agreement on olive oil and table olives, 2005(.pdf).

MEDICINE: Carluccio, MA. Vasculoprotective potential of olive oil components. 2007. “The available data support the need to preserve certain dietary traditions, such as olive oil consumption, to counteract the burden of cardiovascular disease.”

LITERATURE: Keyword Search: Olive =3738 hits! Literature Online.

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