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New Public Computers in the Library

“We are”, says Eric Van de Velde, Director of Library Information Technology, “nearly finished replacing all public computers in our five branch libraries.  The new computers are powerful workstations with very nice 24” wide screens.” 


For those readers not familiar with this service, the Library currently provides the Caltech community with the following public computers:

  • 24 in the Sherman Fairchild Library (most of them are on the 1st floor)
  • 20 in Millikan Library (located in the basement, on the 1st and 3rd floors, and on floors 7, 8, and 9)
  • 3 in the Dabney Library
  • 2 public computers in the Astrophysics Library
  • 1 public computer in the Geology Library

All of the above public computers are accessible whenever the libraries are open.   Software loaded onto these computers includes, but is not limited to, Microsoft Office, Mathmatica, EndNote and MatLab.  Users can access email and browse the web.  All that is needed is an IMSS account.  “You can”, explains Shane Clarke, Hardware/Software Technician in the Library, “do just about anything you want and need to do.  If a student asks for a specific type of software to be loaded onto one of the public computers (such as Visual Studio), we do our best to accommodate them.  As long as there are no security violations we are usually happy to help.”  Each log-in computer screen provides Library IT contact information as well as how-to instructions for computer utilization. 

public pcs

Users have the added benefit of being able to print to any of the public printers located in the libraries.  There are 4 printers in the SFL, 5 in Millikan, 2 in Dabney, and 1 each in Astrophysics and Geology. 

The 50 new public computers will be able to accommodate any potential upgrades (both hardware and software) that are in the forecast for the next five years.  “Our new public computers not only have large screens, but as far as we know they are now the best public access computers on campus!” says Shane.

Caltech Y Celebrates 90th Anniversary

The Caltech Y is celebrating 90 years of providing a variety of social services to members of the Caltech community. 

Greg Fletcher, Program Director for the Caltech Y, was happy to offer the following information on their October 5th birthday celebration:

Dinner and Concert Featuring ALLRISE – An estimated 1500 people gathered in San Pasqual Mall for a campus wide dinner provided by dining services and to listen to the melodic hard rock sound and thought provoking lyrics of the band ALLRISE.  Selected by L.A. Weekly as one of L.A.’s top five bands, ALLRISE brought their signature driving energy and got the party started.

Open Air Movie: An Inconvenient Truth – Following the concert, an audience of 125 students, plus our new Caltech President Chameau and his wife, stayed to view Al Gore’s startling expose into Global Warming in Sherman Fairchild Amphitheater.  With passion, wit, and urgency Gore presented the argument that we must see this issue as a moral challenge facing us all.


The Library is pleased to be able to offer the SFL Amphitheatre for movie events.  Please contact Marie Noren (626-395-3411) if you are interested in using this service. 

The Caltech Y will continue to coordinate special events and activities each term.  Please visit their web site at to find out more about this wonderful organization!

Librarians from Korea visit Caltech

A group of 20 librarians from Korea visited Caltech on Monday, September 25th, 2006.  They were accompanied by Sunyoon Lee, a USC librarian who acted as their interpreter. 

Korean group

Jim O’Donnell, Head of Collections, Information and Research Services, met the group in the Millikan Board Room.  The librarians were given a brief talk that included information about the services provided to the Caltech community by our five branch libraries.  Jim also treated the group to a PowerPoint presentation demonstrating the new Library web page.

Korean group 2

Our Korean visitors were then given a tour of Dabney Library as well as the Sherman Fairchild Library.