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Cambridge Crystallographic Database: May 06 Update Loaded

The second CSD data update (May06) for the November 2005 release of CSD v5.27/ConQuest 1.8, with 12,383 new entries, has been installed on the Caltech Library System’s system’s CSD installation.

Summer hours in the libraries, close at midnight

Caltech Libraries begin observing summer hours following Commencement, June 9. Millikan, Dabney, and Sherman Fairchild close at midnight until the beginning of the Fall term.

Library Celebrates the 250,000th IBID Request

Today, Friday, June 2, 2006, the Library celebrates a quarter million Ibid requests thanks to Professor Jed Buchwald, Humanities & Social Sciences. That’s a milestone!

JB photo 1

Professor Buchwald, third from left, is surrounded by Shady Peyvan (Interlibrary Loans), Kimberly Douglas (University Librarian), and Dan Anguka (Document Delivery).

When informed that his was the 250,000th request, Professor Buchwald exclaimed “I am delighted to be the 250,000th user of IBID. The library staff has worked so hard to make this a first-rate resource for the faculty of Caltech. Our work in the history of science would be nearly impossible without the good efforts of this fine group of people, who have managed to obtain books and documents that would otherwise be unavailable. Thanks so much for a fine job well done!”

JB photo 2

Professor Buchwald with his gift bag!

frogIn 1999, on May 20th, Caltech launched Ibid, the library’s automated document delivery service. Caltech was the first major US academic institution outside of Virginia Tech to install the Ibid software and service. It is a transactional and user interface system that connects with other database systems and utilities, allowing researchers to request specific articles and books needed for their work. The registered users of Ibid are assigned their own account numbers, allowing each to keep track of their own Ibid request history.

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Library Employees Receive Recognition at Service Awards Ceremony

Eight library employees received recognition at the 51st annual Service Awards Ceremony held in Beckman Auditorium on Thursday, June 1, 2006.

Library Awardees

They are from left to right; Shady Peyvan, Caroline Smith, Dana Roth, Jim O’Donnell, Eric Van de Velde, and Marie Noren. Missing are Shirley (Kathy) Johnson and Luis Aria.

Dana Roth (40 years): Chemistry Librarian. Dana has an international reputation as an expert science librarian and serves as a library representative to the Royal Society of Chemistry. He was recently appointed to the editorial board for the Handbook of Chemistry and Physics.

Jim O’Donnell (20 years): Head of Collections, Information, and Research Services. Jim is also the geological and planetary sciences librarian, and he also oversees both the Sherman Fairchild Library and Dabney Library.

Eric Van de Velde (20 years): Director, Library Information Technology. Eric’s department oversees all of our library computer systems. He is the recent winner of the prestigious American National Standards Institute 2005 Leadership and Service Meritorious Service Award.

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