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Emails to are Bouncing

We apologize if you’ve tried to contact a librarian via the email address Until the issue has been resolved please use the alternate email address below if you have a question:

Alternately, you can fill out the form on the below site and we will get back to you:

Again, we apologize and hope this is resolved soon.


Photographic gallery -The making of Caltech’s first Nobel: Robert Millikan’s road to Stockholm


Throughout its history, Caltech has accumulated an exceptional record of prestigious awards, conferred to its outstanding scientists for their groundbreaking research and discoveries.

The Nobel Prize, awarded by the Swedish Academy of Science, holds a cherished place among international recognitions. Caltech is privileged to count 34 Nobelists (and 35 prizes) among its faculty and alumni.

Among them, physicist Robert A. Millikan is doubly special: as the first Caltech recipient, and as a founding father of the Institute. Millikan’s command of physics and extraordinary experimental skills were on par with his charisma and administrative acumen. He was a masterful teacher, and the author of countless textbooks; his research spanned fields as diverse as electromagnetism, optics, molecular physics, and cosmic rays.

For his intuition, dedication, creativity, and curiosity, Millikan is a paragon of 20th century physics, and an enduring inspiration for generations of Techers.

On the occasion of the 2016 Nobel Prize announcements, the Caltech Archives is pleased to present an illustrated account of Millikan’s road to Stockholm.

Visit the online collection here.


Your First Three RUSH Requests are Now Free

Need an article now? Library doesn’t have it? Try the RUSH service for instant article delivery! Almost all articles come within 15 minutes. Even better: your first three RUSH orders are now completely free! Find out more below:


What is RUSH Service? 

RUSH is Caltech Library’s rapid delivery service for articles that Caltech does not own electronically. Access to articles ordered via RUSH arrive through a link provided in an email.  Typically, access is available within 15 minutes. While DocuServe provides great access, the RUSH service can provide quicker access for evenings and weekends when DocuServe is not as rapidly available. The service is available to Caltech faculty, students, and staff at a cost of $15, with some exceptions:

  • First Three Free – The Library offers Caltech faculty, students, and staff 3 free RUSH-delivered articles each academic year.
  • Subsidized – The Library fully subsidizes the RUSH delivery cost of certain vital journals to which the library is unable to subscribe. For information about including a title in this subsidized collection, please contact us.


How do I order an article? 

Caltech ConnectThe easiest way to order an article is also the best way to ensure that the Library doesn’t have the article digitally available: by searching for the article in your favorite search tool. From there, use the CaltechConnect button. If we don’t have the article, options for ordering it appear, including the RUSH request option. Clicking the link there will pre-fill the RUSH form with most of the information needed.

RUSH Ordering

Requests may be submitted directly through DocuServe if you have the citation information.

  • Login to your DocuServe account
  • Use the Main Menu/New Request options to select the type of request you would like to make.  If you are unclear on the type of item, you can select “Help” and complete the web form.  We will respond as soon as possible.
  • Fill in all required fields on the request form.  Any extra information provided will make it easier to process your request, so please add as much descriptive data as possible in the appropriate fields.
  • Click “Submit Request” to complete your request

*TIP: Check the catalog or Libsearch for print versions. We are happy to retrieve or you can visit the stacks to access the library’s copy.


How do I pay for the service? Do I have to pay up-front?

You do not need to complete payment immediately. The Library’s DocuServe team will inovice you for payment of the articles using the information from your DocuServe account.  If you do not have a DocuServe account, you can create one or you can come to the Sherman Fairchild Library and pay by credit card.


What information do I need to complete a RUSH request? What is required?

You will need a DocuServe account, which the Library uses to route your RUSH article most effectively. You can sign up for a DocuServe by using your IMSS credentials at

Create your DocuServe account

  • The first time you log into DocuServe, you will see the new user registration form.
  • Enter all information as requested.
  • Click “Submit Information”
  • After entering your information, you will need to supply payment information.  We request you include your billing account information (either your UID or a PTA) when registering for the first time.  For most requests, you will not be charged but there are that do require a billing account in order to process (see Items/Price List).
  • You will now be able to make a book or article request through DocuServe.
  • For more information on this, please contact DocuServe (626-395-6437 or docuserve AT

What is DocuServe?

DocuServe utilizes a number of resource sharing partners and vendors to provide access to materials not immediately available through Caltech Library’s subscriptions or collections.  Based on our most recent assessment (graph below), for requests submitted during business hours, just over 30% of article requests are fulfilled in less than 12 hours, approximately 75% are fulfilled within 24 hours, and 85% within 48 hours (see figure below).

The service is free to you for articles and books.  Our partners include hundreds of academic libraries across the United States, Canada, Europe,and Australia. For more information, visit the DocuServe page here.

LOGIN to DocuServe – To make requests, check on, renew, or retrieve electronically delivered requests (requires IMSS authentication).

How do I get my first three RUSH articles free? 

You simply use the RUSH service to get instant articles. The Library will keep track of your usage and notify you when you have fulfilled your 3 free articles for the year.


ScienceDirect is Down – Resolved

According to Elsevier, ScienceDirect is experiencing unexpected errors that make the site inaccessible. They are working on fixing the problem and have apologized for the inconvenience.

Update – ScienceDirect is accessible again.

Looking for your course textbook?

The Caltech Library places all required course texts on course reserves for students to have an equal opportunity for access.

We recommend you search for your course here to locate the texts on reserve for your course.  Reserves are located at the Sherman Fairchild Library (SFL) or Geology Library.  The loan period for SFL course reserves is shorter than normal checkouts.  Most check out for 3 hours with some being available for up to 24 hours.  The shorter loan period is to make sure all students in the course have access to the material.  Geology reserves are for use only in the Geology Reading Room and are not to be checked out or removed from that library.

In some cases, multiple copies are made available in course reserves so please check the course reserve list.

If a course text is not on course reserve, please notify the Library.

Library Workshop: ‘Authorea – Advanced Editing and Collaboration’ – Wednesday, September 7, 2:00pm

“Authorea – Advanced Editing and Collaboration”

This “Beyond-the-Basics” program covers more advanced features of the Authorea online authoring platform, including:

  • Integration with GitHub;
  • Editing text blocks using Unix tools like vi;
  • Integrating interactive figures and plots into a manuscript
  • Applying journal templates for submission and publication

Prerequisites: Working knowledge of Authorea to create, edit, share documents with text, figures, and citations in Markdown, LaTeX, or HTML. Familiarity with GitHub for collaborative editing and open dissemination of research documents.

Wednesday, September 7


Millikan Library, 9th Floor






Sherman Fairchild Library elevator is now back in service

After a complete modernization of the elevator, it is now back in service and available for use.

Labor Day weekend hours

On Friday afternoon, September 3rd, registration services will close at 3pm. The libraries will be open normal hours Saturday and Sunday.

On Monday, September 6th, for Labor Day, the Sherman Fairchild Library and Millikan Library will be open their normal hours, but a Caltech ID, JPL badge or Guest Reader card will be required all day. Cahill, Dabney and Geology libraries will be closed.

Sherman Fairchild Library partial floor closures – August 26 to September 2

Sherman Fairchild Library will have partial floor closures from August 26th to September 2nd for maintenance.

The Library will remain open during this time. The group study rooms on the 2nd floor and the central computer workstations on 1st floor will continue to be available during this period.

Schedule of floor closures:
Monday, August 29 – Basement & 3rd floor; partial closures on 1st and 2nd floors
Tuesday, August 30 – Basement & 3rd floor; partial closures on 1st and 2nd floors
Wednesday, August 31 – Basement; partial closure on 2nd floor
Thursday, September 1 – Basement; partial closure on 2nd floor
Friday, September 2 – Basement; partial closure on 2nd floor

If you have any questions or would like us to retrieve a book for you, please contact the Sherman Fairchild Library circulation desk.

DocuServe access working again

The temporary problem logging into DocuServe has been resolved. As always, please let us know if you have any problems.

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