Max Delbruck Centennial Celebration

Max Delbruck headshotCourtesy of Caltech’s Division of Biology, the library is pleased to display four elaborately detailed posters commemorating the life and work of Max Delbruck (1906-1981).  The posters are on display in the third floor reading room of the Sherman Fairchild Library through the end of March. 

They were created by Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory for their Max Delbruck Centennial Celebration last August, and reproduced by the Biology Division for display at Caltech’s Delbruck Centennial on January 8th. 

Many photographs and illustrations highlight Delbruck’s transition from physicist to biologist in the 1930’s, his coming to the United States, his time at Vanderbilt, at CSHL, and his Caltech days in the late 1930’s and again from 1947 until his death in Pasadena in 1981.  You’re sure to find this beautiful and informative tribute well worth visiting SFL. 

Photo of the second of four posters celebrating Max Delbruck Centennial is shown above. 

Black and white headshot of Max Delbruck taken in 1969 is courtesy of The Nobel Foundation.