New Library Web and More!
From the University Librarian, Kimberly Douglas

Welcome to the new Library Web! First and foremost, the library offers content services in the pursuit of knowledge acquisition and creation. This is no passive activity. Particularly with the increase of networked resources and the tools available over the Web, change and evolution is daily fare. While the library certainly remains an organization that is every bit a system of integrated effort and outcomes, its focus is on services that create synergy between people and content, now and over time. We do this virtually, through online services delivered via the website. We do this environmentally by maintaining physical places, library settings, almost 24/7, conducive to contemplation, thought, and collaboration. These physical and virtual environments enrich your connection to scholarly content by supporting various study activities and offering many information formats and access services.

In that vein, today we present a completely revised Library Web and launch a new federated search engine that allows cross-database searches of library resources. In fact “Search” is given new prominence on the page to emphasize the discovery of the wealth of content in the Library resources. In addition this fall, we are creating two more group study rooms by converting the 2nd floor photocopy room in the SFL. Stay tuned for more announcements later in the term.

No doubt, library services will continue to change in response to the evolving methods and techniques in research and education. Your input helps us. Subject specialist librarians are available for discipline specific guidance and feedback. The University Librarian, Kimberly Douglas (, works closely with the Faculty Library Committee and other campus administrators to achieve the best service possible. Other library managers, Eric Van de Velde (Director of Library Information Technology), Jim O’Donnell (Head, Collections, Information and Research Services), and Sandy Garstang (Manager of Circulation Services), each contribute extensively in their areas of expertise and responsibility. In short, there are many communication avenues for timely and productive responses to your emerging needs.