Meet the Library Staff – September 2006

Fred Niblock has been a Caltech Library employee for close to 10 years. If you have spent any time on campus then you will have definitely noticed Fred. He is the gentleman seen driving around in the small white truck with the library logo printed on the side! Fred is responsible for collecting library materials from the 13 book drops spread across campus; we had a total of almost 8,000 books picked up from the book drops just last year alone. He also pulls all faculty, student, and staff IBID and ILL requests from the various libraries, as well as distributes new books and journals to our 5 libraries.


Fred outside the Sherman Fairchild Library in July 2006.

“Working at Caltech has been a lifelong dream of mine”, says Fred. “I have lived my whole life in the Pasadena area and always thought it would be neat to be a member of the Caltech community.” The dream became a reality when World Vision, the company he had been employed by for 13 years, moved their US headquarters to Seattle, Washington. They offered Fred a job in their Seattle office, but he and Claudia, his wife of 15 years, preferred to remain in southern California. The decision to stay was a judicious one; Fred has been at Caltech, working in the Library, ever since.

Claudia and Fred, both animal lovers, have 4 cats. Fred’s mother, Francis, a frail but much loved 90 year old, lives with her son and daughter-in-law in an early fifties style house. While Fred loves to garden and do odd jobs around the house, his real hobby is writing historical novels. The story he is currently working on is set in 1st century Rome. “I love”, notes Fred, “to do all of the research involved in filling an historical novel with accurate details. The challenge is to then bring the people in the story to life.”

“My favorite part of this job is working with the librarians and my fellow library staff members”, states Fred. “I also love to meet and talk with the rest of the Caltech community. I enjoy being a part of Caltech.”