Meet the Library Staff – August 2006

Welcome to a new addition of our library blog site – we will be introducing the Caltech community to one of our staff members each month. Our first profile will be of Viet Nguyen!

Viet Nguyen has worked in the Caltech Library for almost six years. During this time period he has rotated within our Circulation, Document Delivery, and Inter-Library Loan divisions – all the while building up his knowledge of the inter-workings of our library system. Viet is currently the Library Student Supervisor. “It is”, says Viet, “a job I thoroughly enjoy because I get to witness first hand the struggles and the accomplishments our undergraduates go through on a daily basis in order to succeed in their studies.” And, not surprisingly, the students have quickly come to rely on Viet as a trusted mentor and friend.


Viet at his desk on the first floor of Millikan Library, August 1, 2006.

Viet was born in Vietnam. He has 10 brothers and sisters. When he was 9 years old his mother and father decided Viet should accompany his older brother, Toan, to America. They left the communist country illegally by boat in 1987 (or as Viet explains, “in the only way one could leave Vietnam during that time period”). Traveling first to Malaysia, then on to the Philippines, the two brothers arrived in American after two long years of travel. Other siblings were to follow, and their parents finally arrived in 1995.

Viet will graduate with a Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology from Cal Poly in March 2007. He hopes to continue his education with a Master’s degree in an as yet an undecided (but related) field. Viet is a basketball fan and is active in his church. You can find Viet in the circulation area on the first floor of the Millikan Library, where he trains his students. Viet has always been extremely helpful to anyone who stops by. “You’ll never see me feeling down” says Viet. “Because of what I went through as a child, I can truly say I appreciate being an American!”