Library Employees Receive Recognition at Service Awards Ceremony

Eight library employees received recognition at the 51st annual Service Awards Ceremony held in Beckman Auditorium on Thursday, June 1, 2006.

Library Awardees

They are from left to right; Shady Peyvan, Caroline Smith, Dana Roth, Jim O’Donnell, Eric Van de Velde, and Marie Noren. Missing are Shirley (Kathy) Johnson and Luis Aria.

Dana Roth (40 years): Chemistry Librarian. Dana has an international reputation as an expert science librarian and serves as a library representative to the Royal Society of Chemistry. He was recently appointed to the editorial board for the Handbook of Chemistry and Physics.

Jim O’Donnell (20 years): Head of Collections, Information, and Research Services. Jim is also the geological and planetary sciences librarian, and he also oversees both the Sherman Fairchild Library and Dabney Library.

Eric Van de Velde (20 years): Director, Library Information Technology. Eric’s department oversees all of our library computer systems. He is the recent winner of the prestigious American National Standards Institute 2005 Leadership and Service Meritorious Service Award.

Shady Peyvan (15 years): Circulation Services, Interlibrary Loan. A major part of Shady’s job as the supervisor of the Interlibrary Loan Unit of Circulation Services is to obtain research materials that are not owned by the Caltech Library System.

Luis Arias (10 years): Circulation Services, Collection Maintenance. Luis has seen many changes within the library system starting with the construction of the Sherman Fairchild library to the recent rehabbed Dabney library. Luis has contributed to many projects/moves making him a valuable part of Circulation Services Unit.

Kathy Johnson (10 years): Head, MetaData Group. Kathy’s group is responsible for the library catalog (CLAS), the KnowledgeBases of Caltech Connect and Caltech Content (a new service to be launched in the fall) and the Caltech CODA repositories. They also handle the processing of printed theses.

Marie Noren (10 years): Supervisor of Library Services, Sherman Fairchild Library. Marie is responsible for the day to day operations of the Sherman Fairchild Library.

Caroline Smith (10 years): Astrophysics Librarian. Caroline is responsible for managing the Astrophysics Library, including the Palomar and Owens Valley Observatories. She is also in charge of collection development and is the liaison with Physics and Astronomy faculty.

Library Staff Photo

Several library employees from Geology and from our Circulation Department enjoy the Service Awards Ceremony: from left, Gilbert Tiscareno, Tony Diaz, Viet Nguyen, Mallory Wilder, Ben Perez.