Blackwell Synergy Closing Down – June 27

The transition of Blackwell journals to Wiley InterScience and the shutdown of Synergy is still on track to take place this weekend, Friday, June 27.

The scheduled downtime is as follows: 

June 27

9:00 pm New York
2:00 am London (June 28)
9:00 am Singapore (June 28) 

Blackwell Synergy closes down 

June 28

5:00 am New York
10:00 am London (June 29)
5:00 pm Singapore (June 29) 

Wiley InterScience goes offline temporarily 

June 29

9:00 pm New York
2:00 am London (June 30)
9:00 am Singapore (June 30) 

Wiley InterScience comes back online,
with Blackwell journals incorporated
Blackwell Synergy is no longer available 


We will send you a further notice on Monday, June 30, once the transition is complete. We thank you in advance for your patience during this weekend of transition.