Alums Enjoy Library on Seminar Day

“Alums See the Latest in Library Services at Caltech”

Over 40 alumni and their families came to the Sherman Fairchild Library during the lunch hour last Saturday, May 20, 2006. Library staff, Daniel Taylor, Judy Nollar,Caroline Smith, and Marie Noren showed off the latest advances in the library system and gave tours of the SFL.

Francis and Hewitt Graham, ‘43 (AE), marvel at all of the changes they have witnessed over the years with Judy and Daniel

Every year since 1997, the year the SFL opened, Library staff have conducted open house tours and given presentations on Seminar Day.

Please visit the Caltech Alumni Association to view additional information concerning Alumni Day.

Daniel Tylor, Biology Librarian promotes open archives and directs Alums to the SFL!

Kyle Bayes ‘56 (CH) posses for a picture with Judy Nollar.

Wayne Waller, Digital Media Center demonstrated its capabilities to alumnus Ron Patterson ‘71 (ENV).

Ron Patterson checking out the Multimedia Conference Room (MCR) during Seminar Day.

Judith Fulton, the wife of Albert Fulton ‘45 (EE) makes herself at home while enjoying the high bandwidth access at the SFL!

Caroline Smith, Astronomy Librarian; Daniel Taylor, Biology Librarian; Judy Nollar, Humanities Librarian; at reference desk of Sherman Fairchild Library. All three have participated in Seminar Day since 1997!