LabArchives in 15 Minutes! Wednesday, May 22, 2:00pm

LabArchives in 15 Minutes!


This online webinar is intended for professors, TAs, Mentors and students. This module will introduce LabArchives Classroom Edition definitions, terminology, history, technical basics and use examples to explain key elements of notebook creation, navigation, basic tools, features, functionality. This module emphasizes the set-up of an ELN in 15 minutes. Q&A will cover Laboratory Notebook Set-up and Management questions.


LabArchives Quick Start Guide, LabArchives ELN, Go-To-Webinar, LA Help Section, LA Support


By the end of this module, participants will;

  • Be familiar with the basic features, functionality
  • Have used the LA Quick Start Guide to create a notebook within LabArchives
  • Be able to successfully navigate the platform
  • Know how to begin organizing and entering various forms of data
  • Know how set up an ELN for a classroom laboratory setting
  • Know how to access and manage student data within the classroom ELN



15 minute webinar covering a 15 minute overview and a 15 minute Q&A. Training Support is available following the session for those who would like to contact us directly for real-time or scheduled notebook customization support.


Please respond via email to Kathy Johnson in the Caltech Library ( and RSVP for the webinar. You will receive an email invitation directly from the LabArchives Webinar Facilitator. Prior to the webinar, please review the LabArchives Overview for login information to the Caltech Edition and access the LabArchives Classroom Quick Start Guide. Follow instructions in the Quick Start Guide to name your notebook, create one folder, create one page within that folder and add one simple entry to that page. Lastly, create a PDF of it and save it to your desktop.

For more information online about LabArchives Electronic Notebook Classroom Edition: