Reviewing the ILS

Posted by laura on July 26, 2010 under Integrated Library Systems | Be the First to Comment

OCLC has released more modules for their “cloud-based” integrated library system.  This has lit our fire.  We’ve known for awhile that we need to review how we use our ILS and determine if there is a business case for retaining it or migrating to another option.  The OCLC option represents a sea-change in library automation.  It’s the only web-services based ILS in the current market.

It is time for us to stop talking and start doing.  We know how in a rough sense (needs assessment, functional requirements, review).  It’s the devil-y details which make the process intimidating.  The ILS is one of the largest expenses in a library.  Almost all daily work processes touch it.  It is a capital B big deal.   Any mistake will be costly.

So, we’re planning.  Something concrete will emerge shortly.  Meanwhile, I await the publication of this .  Guidance of any sort is welcome at this stage in the game.

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