Return from LOD-LAM

Posted by laura on June 6, 2011 under Semantic web, Standards | Be the First to Comment

I’m back from the International Linked Open Data in Libraries Archives and Museums Summit which was held June 2-3, 2011 San Francisco, CA, USA.  My brain is still digesting all that I learned.  I’ve posted my rough notes in case anybody else can find them useful.  I thought the event was really well done.  I learned about several LOD projects which might provide tools we can use here at Caltech.  I’ve got to dig in a bit more detail.  The organizers will be posting a summit report with all of the action items for next steps.  Of particular interest to me – there will be some work on publishing citations as linked data and there will be some materials released which can assist with educating the LAM community about LOD.   I’ll probably write about each aspect as more information comes to light and as I wrap my head around it.


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