MarcEdit how-to videos

Posted by laura on April 11, 2011 under Metadata | Be the First to Comment

I had the pleasure of attending an advanced MarcEdit workshop this past Friday taught by none other than Mr. MarcEdit himself, Terry Reese.  I learned quite a few tips and tricks.  Most important for me was learning how the regular expression engine functions and the extensions Terry included (not too many, yay for sticking to the .NET framework!).  The portion on programming MarcEdit from the command line was a bit beyond my ken but it was cool to see it and file under must-learn-someday.

Terry has a quite a few YouTube videos demonstrating how to make the most of the program.  They have been available for a couple of years but they’re worth reminding folks about.  And hey, it’s Monday, it’s a movie, and it’s metadata related.

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