LOD-LAM participants list

Posted by laura on March 29, 2011 under Semantic web | Be the First to Comment

As promised, here is the link to the LOD-LAM participants group http://lod-lam.net/summit/participants/ .  Each of the attendees has a brief biography, including yours truly.  I’m even more pleased.  Congratulations to the organizers for putting the “international” into International Linked Data summit…  The detailed raw data list shows from where everybody hails.  It’s heavy on English speaking countries, esp. the U.S.  It’s not surprising that the bulk of attendees are  North American given the cost of flying over the oceans.  It’s great that so many people are there representing speakers of other languages.

Off now to review some authority records.  I have a rare day sans meetings which means I get to get a lot of work-work (vs. work about work) done.

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