Managing metadata

Posted by laura on February 11, 2010 under Admin | Be the First to Comment

I’ve bitten the bullet and returned to blogging after a year’s hiatus.  The standard disclaimer applies. My views are my own and do not reflect the views of my employer, either at the library or campus level.

I intend to discuss  the larger context of  metadata within the  academic library universe.  Academic libraries traditionally  do  their own thing when it comes to managing metadata and access and retrieval systems for library materials.  The traditional way is unsustainable in the current economic and technological climate.  Materials and systems become ever more expensive.  Web technologies make it possible for library users to find materials from the full universe of available titles.  Librarians have to find ways to rationalize labor and expense in order to optimize use of library collections.

It is a time of rapid transition.  I don’t have a clear idea of how this blog will evolve. I intend to use it to throw around the ideas that emerge half-baked from my head.

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