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Make a Donation

The Caltech Library welcomes monetary donations through the Friends of the Caltech Libraries. Donations help fund the purchase of library materials and equipment, or for the improvement of library services and facilities. We also welcome gifts of information materials that support the research interests of the Institute; unfortunately, at this time we are only able to take book and other physical donations from members of the Caltech community.

The Library only accepts unconditional donations that have no special restrictions; such as placement, treatment, or any other requirement. The Library reserves the right to refuse gifts outright and to dispose of donated material according to its needs. All donated materials will be reviewed by appropriate personnel and only those materials that meet the needs of the Library and that are in good physical condition will be added to the collection.

Gifts of up to 10 books can be dropped off at the Sherman Fairchild Library Circulation Desk with no advanced notice. Larger donations require prior arrangement; please call 626-395-6421. Once offered and accepted, donations become the property of the Library and cannot be returned to the donor.

If requested, the Library acknowledges gifts by letter with a count of the items received. Library personnel will not provide an itemized list, appraisals or estimates of the value of donated materials. If the donor provides an itemized list of the donation, it will be included with the acknowledgement. It is the donor’s responsibility to place a value on gift items as required for tax reporting purposes. Donors are referred to IRS publication #561 for further information.

Guide for Donating Materials from Faculty Offices

Revised May 28, 2015